Friday, 24 March 2017

When Something is Brilliant Already - Why Change It?

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I am downright disappointed with Wetherspoons. I might even write to Uncle Tim to complain.

This is the problem.

On m 5-2 diet, I factored in, very occasionally, a special treat. 

Eli caramel cheesecake!

Just 354 calories and a cup of coffee - any kind you like - thrown in for about £2.50.  So after my shopping trip, on a "fast" day, I might decide to use up all my precious last-meal calories on a nice slice of Eli caramel cheesecake.

(I should mention that last time I went to Wetherspoon's they didn't have any. I should have been warned because they said they thought it might be discontinued.)

Anyhow, I tried again today.

Oh yes, they had the cheesecake and coffee deal. So I ordered. The young lady said did I want caramel with it or compote. That was a bit strange because it was actually "caramel" cheesecake, but she was new so I said okay, caramel would be fine. The price had gone up 45p but I figured it was still well worth it.

What did I get?

Well, do you remember Angel Delight?  Maybe they still make it, I don't know. There's no accounting for taste.

A triangle of yukky looking pale yellow Angel Delight on top of a bit of crushed biscuit. It tasted exactly like Angel Delight with a dollop of manky cheddar added. Nothing like the delicious Eli cheesecake you could sink your teeth into, setting all your tastebuds on fire.

To add insult to injury it was also 200 extra calories. So that's the end of my Wetherspoons Special Treat!

When something is brilliant already, why change it?

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