Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Lucky Stones and Pregnant Pebbles

If you are at all fazed by scary stories then take yourself down to the beach and find yourself some lucky stones.
Has it all got too creepy? Don't worry. According to ancient folklore, lucky stones can help you relax.
Lucky stones are also known as:
·      hagstones
·      holy stones
·      holey stones
·      nightmare stones
·      wish stones
·      witch stones
·      pregnant pebbles
Lucky stones are made of flint and easy to recognise. They are round stones that have a hole running through the middle, like a huge, flinty polo mint. There are several explanations about how the holes are formed, some people claiming it's just the sea wearing the hole through the middle. A likelier explanation seems that they have an inherent contamination formed millions of years ago. For example, maybe a sliver of wood or a dead sea-creature has fossilised inside the stone. The stones wears through erosion, and the contaminated particle becomes a weak point, which eventually deteriorates into a hole.
Lucky stones are believed to have magical properties that protect you from harm, warding off evil spirits and misfortune, witches, devils and the Evil Eye - in fact just about anything nasty apart from 'flu. If you thread fourteen stones together, you will be very well protected indeed - that is, if you are lucky enough to find that many.
It's also believed that if you suffer from rheumatism or other internal diseases, you should put some lucky stones under your bed. Helpfully, they also stop witches from sneaking into your bedroom and jumping on your stomach.
So sleep tight. Hope the bugs don't bite!

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