Sunday, 1 January 2017

Is it Me or is it All the Others?

The Black Cat by Aubrey Beardsley, Public Domain
A guy I met at a dance asked me out. Nice man, thoughtful and easy going. We were going for a walk but then he wanted to watch tv. It had to be tv cos he didn't care for any of my cds (covering classical, opera, reggae, male and female ballad singers, film music, etc etc. Not much choice there, eh?) 

He didn't like the same tv shows as me. He didn't like comedy like I do and didn't want to hear any of my jokes. He doesn't read like I do. 

He does dance - beautifully. I have two left feet. 

We find we have the same sun sign though, Aquarius. So what happens? As he leaves (quite early as it's past his bedtime) he says he would like to see me again, both being Aquarians we have so much in common.

Do you know, sometimes I wonder if it's me or all the others!!!