Monday, 2 January 2017

Husbands are Just Grown-Up Children - Blanche in Don'ts for Wives

Public Domain Image
Don't let your husband sharpen lead pencils all over your drawing room carpet. He will be none the happier for it, and the carpet will suffer as well as the maid's temper. He doesn't do it out of pure cussedness; it is more thoughtlessness, and a little instruction will induce him to use the hearth or the wastepaper basket. But don't "row" him; be good-natured about it. After all most husbands are only grown-up children in such matters.

(Some things don't change! And, actually, my maid is such a sour old crab)

Don't hesitate to inconvenience yourself to give him a den all his own. He's really a good fellow, and a lot of his worries will melt away if he has a place to himself for a while When he is out, the den will be yours.

(Hmm, that sounds a good opportunity for little snooping!)

Don't check your husband's high spirits. Let him sing at the top of his voice in the bathroom, or whistle out of tune on the stairs, and be thankful for a cheerful man about the house.

(And get some ear plugs!)

Don't think it is beneath you to put your husband's slippers ready for him. On a cold evening especially, it makes all the difference to his comfort if the soles are warmed through.

Good heavens!  Doesn't every loving wife do this? (Hee hee!)

Don'ts for Wives, by Blanche Ebbutt (Public Domain.)