Sunday, 11 December 2016

Out with the Grey and in with the Pink

Women want to look fashionable in later life because looking good can help them feel regenerated. Have fun experimenting with new and funky hair colours.

For an older woman, how she feels about her looks has an enormous impact upon her health and well-being. Going grey is part of the process of aging, and many women fight a losing battle with their roots. White roots showing through a dark, medium brown or reddish hairstyle spoil the effect altogether. There can be several awkward problems with continuous colouring of the hair into later life.
  • Roots need to be coloured every three weeks to avoid obvious re-growth, and this can be expensive.
  • A build-up of colour can make the hair heavy, unresponsive to styling and generally difficult to look after.
  • If you cannot afford to go to a good hairdresser every three weeks and must colour your hair at home, there can be difficulty in matching the colour on the roots to the rest of the previously-coloured hair. Grey or white hair can be very resistant to colouring, resulting in different shades between new colouring and hair that has had several layers of colour.
  • While having your hair coloured every three weeks at the hairdressers can be expensive, there are other drawbacks to colouring at home, not least the awful mess and possible staining of self, clothes or furniture.
Growing Grey and Looking Great
There are alternatives to keeping your hair looking good as your grey comes through. Some women have their hair coloured light blonde, so that the grey doesn't show up too much and can be touched up more easily and less frequently. But this isn't the answer for everyone. If it suits you, that's fine, but blonde can be a harsh colour to wear as we age. If you do take this route, it's probably best not to do it yourself, but to go to a good hairdresser.
A better alternative might be to have your hairdresser put in light blonde, or bleached-to-grey highlights throughout your hair. This breaks up the colour beautifully, helping to disguise the grey roots. The advantage of this procedure is that it will eventually lead to several choices in managing your hair.
  • As new hair grows through and becomes greyer overall, you can maintain this "pepper and salt" style by simply having your hairdresser occasionally colour in a few light brown lowlights. This should not need to be done too often and shouldn't be too expensive.
  • Allow your hair to go grey all over. In this case, you may choose to have a few more highlights as the grey becomes noticeable. Grey hair can be stunning when it's maintained in good health, properly conditioned and cut into an up-to-date and flattering style.
Experiment with Styles for Greying Hair
Grey hair can also be a living canvass for some artistic experimentation. Frenchwomen know all about this. Jeanine, who lives in a rural village in Normandy, is fortunate in having a sleek, silver, expertly-layered haircut, and twining through her tresses are two or three bright purple strands of hair. It looks wonderful - fashionable and funky.
Do your own thing. Experiment with some occasional crazy-coloured highlights. You can do it yourself, or simply buy hair extensions. Buy attractive decorative hair ornaments, flowers, sparkles, haircombs. The possibilities are endless.
It's not that difficult to turn your back on the tyranny of that three-weekly root-colouring session and still be bright and beautiful.
Think good and look good and you'll feel good too.

  • Off Yer 'Ead, (Unisex Hairdressers) 13 Victoria Terrace, Hove, East Sussex. Stylist: Martine.
  • Jeanine, Pont D'Ouilly, Normandy, France.

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