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Eleven More Top Tips for Grovelling to your Hubby (Don'ts for Wives)

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Continued from yesterday's post: 10 More Tips from Don'ts for Wives - Grovel or Be Damned.

It gets worse...

11. Don't get the idea that all your husband wants is a housekeeper, or a decorative head of the table. He wants a companion and when he is at home he doesn't want you to be always somewhere else.

12. Don't choose the very time your husband is at home to "see about" all sorts of things in other parts of the house. Sit with him by the fire; smoke with him if it pleases you and him; read or be read to; sing or play cards with him, or chat with him about anything that interests him. It is your business to keep him amused in the evening.

13. Don't say you don't want to be bothered with business details. By all means encourage your husband to get business worries behind him, but sometimes he can do that best by telling them to you.

14. Don't tell your husband of every petty annoyance and pin-prick you have suffered from during the day, but do tell him your real troubles; he expects to share them and his advice may help you. In any case, his sympathy will halve the trouble.

15. Don't be shy of showing your love. Don't expect him to take it for granted. A playful caress as you pass his chair, an unexpected touch on the shoulder, makes all the difference between merely knowing that you care for him and actually feeling it.

16. Don't expect your husband to want to spend evenings at home if you don't make home the most comfortable place. Don't stuff your drawing room with priceless knick knacks that he will knock over when he stretches out his hand for the ash tray. Don't have chairs that look nice but are not comfortable to sit in, nor cushions that may only be looked at. It is a mistake to suppose that a man likes best the house of the "pattern" housekeeper. He doesn't; it makes him want to kick things about.

17. Don't sit and yawn while your husband is smoking his last pipe or finishing his novel or his game of patience. And don't mutely reproach him by going to sleep in an armchair. If you are too tired to stay up decently go to bed, but don't try to hurry your husband off before he is ready.

18. Don't refuse to see your husband's jokes. They may be pretty poor ones, but it won't hurt you to smile at them.

19. Don't be too serious and heavy at home. Make things bright for your husband.

20. Don't grumble because your husband insists on wearing an old coat in the house. He wears it because it is the most comfortable garment he possesses and home is the place for comfort.

21 Don't think it too much trouble to sing or play in an evening with your husband as sole audience. You wouldn't have a more indulgent or appreciative one, as a general rule.

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