Friday, 30 December 2016

Blanche on "Jealousy" from "Don'ts for Wives"

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Some of Blanche Ebutt's advice about jealousy seems pretty sensible to me. She is pretty scary about the consequences of flirting with other men though!

1. Don't be jealous of your husband's bachelor friends. Let him camp out with them for an occasional weekend if he wants to. He will come back all the fresher, and full of appreciation of his house.

2. Don't be jealous of your husband's acqaintance with other women. You don't want him to think you are the nicest woman in the world because he never sees any others, but because he sees plenty and still feels that you are the only one in the world for him. Have nice girls about the house pretty frequently. (I would say check them out thoroughly first though!)

3. Don't give up all your men friends when you marry and don't expect your husband to cease to take an interest in his women friends. Ask both to your home and welcome them equally.

4. Don't try to excite your husband's jealousy by flirting with other men. You may succeed better than you want to. It is like playing with tigers, and edged tools and volcanoes all in one.

5. Don't try too hard to regulate your husband's pleasures, and don't be jealous if they don't always include you.

6. Don't let him coop you up while he is away. You must live your life; you cannot vegetate. He must trust you. Any other attitude is an insult.

7. Don't forget the mountain and the molehill. Don't insist that your molehill is a mountain if you suspect your husband of flirting. There is no more certain way of making it into one. Your husband is only human, and if he is to be hanged, he would probably rather be hanged for a sheep than a lamb.

8. Don't be jealous anyway. It belittles you, puts you at a disadvantage, and, if your husband thinks about it, is apt to make him unbearably conceited. Nothing makes you look old and worn sooner than jealous, and nothing makes you more ridiculous.

Well, that's what Blanche says, and if you can't avoid being jealous, and you get all old and worn and bloated, well, give him the rough edge of your tongue, then take a nice, relaxing holiday and have lots of Botox. That's what I'd do. 

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  1. A lot of 'don't do's --- I still see some of this in far too many relationships... :(