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8 Top Tips for Mothers from Blanche Ebbutt's Don't for Wives

Baby Boy Sleeping, Public Domain
If you think it's hard being a wife, then just wait till the kids start arriving.

I wonder if any wife/mother managed to follow Blanche's advice to the letter. I think some of the following points are good, but it seems all the responsibility for the success of marriage and family issues were incumbent on the woman in Blanche's world in 1913.

1. Don't omit to take your husband into your confidence on matters connected with the training of children. Let him bring his wits to bear on the problems that are troubling you.

2. Don't let your husband become merely your children's father after the arrival of the first baby. You can give him an extra share of love in that capacity but he won't want to be any the less your husband and chum.

3. Don't cease to call him by his Christian name and begin to address hi always in the children's presence and out of it as "Father" or "Daddy."

4. Don't go to either extreme with regard to the amount of the children's society that you give their father. Let "enough but not too much" be your motto.

5. Don't think your baby is as interesting to everyone else as he is to you. It is quite natural for you to think that there never was such a wonderful baby before, but other people are apt to smile at each other or become horribly bored if you can talk of nothing else.

6. Don't say your husband "looks silly" with a baby in his arms. Let him realise that the youngster is partly his, and that there is nothing derogatory to his dignity in handling him.

7. Don't give baby the same name as his father, and then have to talk of Big John and Little John or of Old John and Young John. Call your husband always by his own name and let our boys have names of their own.

8. Don't grudge the years you spend on child-bearing and child-rearing. Remember you are training future citizens, and it is the most important mission in the world.

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