Friday, 7 October 2016

Body Image

Copyright Gareth Cameron
On Monday I went to a discussion group and the subject was "Body Image." So it was all the usual sort of thing, some of it relevant and some out of date. But afterwards people were discussing what the way you dress and groom yourself says about you. 
One woman said to me, "You have stripped off your nail polish, as you don't like to wear it chipped (so thank goodness, I don't look like a slut!, I thought) then she added, "But you haven't quite got it all off, so that shows you're not a perfectionist." 
Hmmm. Actually, when I removed my polish, I forgot to put my glasses on, so I didn't realise there was some left around the edges. So all it says about me is I am sometimes forgetful and also a little short sighted.
We need to be very careful about how much we deduce from body image. I'm sure sometimes we do people a great disservice by misinterpreting. 
Also, sadly, a disservice to ourselves. I know a sixty-year-old very thin anorexic. How sad is that?
It's best if people look exactly like themselves, so long as they keep healthy!

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