Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Are You a Drama Queen - Find out in this Special Quiz

Are You a Drama Queen?

Defintely a Drama Queen!  Photo copyright Gareth Cameron

Drama Queens are all around us. Let’s not be sexist about this though, because men can be Drama Queens too. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing being a Drama Queen on occasion; at least people notice you and you may get what you want – but don’t overdo it or you’ll start to get on people’s nerves!
This quiz is just for fun, for those of us who occasionally enjoy acting the diva.

Your friend asks you when you will be free for dinner. You like to see this friend, although you are fairly busy. You say...
  1. “I’d love to. Let’s compare our diaries and see if we can find a mutually convenient date.”
  2. “It’s absolutely manic right now. I’ve got something on every day for weeks. Honestly, I scarcely have a moment to sit down and relax.”
  3. It sounds good, but I’ll have to ring you back next week as not quite sure when I’ll be free.
Your friend introduces you to his/her new and attractive date. You…
  1. Feel genuinely pleased for your friend and welcome his/her new partner into your social network.
  2. Flirt outrageously, to prove how irresistible you are. If s/he really got to know you, s/he would know what s/he is missing. All’s fair in love and war.
  3. Think, “What a dish! Damn, I wish I’d seen him/her first.”
You have all had a wonderful meal. The waiter brings the bill, but there are ten of you and the meal is expensive. You…
  1. Offer to work out or help others to apportion the bill with appropriate tips, and to collect and count the cash.
  2. Say, “Oh, I’ll get this on my American Express. I forgot to go to the cash machine.” Then, you scoop up and pocket everyone’s cash.
  3. Look helpless and plead: “I'm hopeless at money, it’s just not my thing. Couldn’t someone tell me how much I have to pay?”
Someone needs help. You come to the rescue, either with practical or emotional support. You…
  1. Help her/him and then keep quiet and forget about it. It’s no one else’s business.
  2. Describe to all your other friends how you’ve tried to help this person, in spite of the mess s/he keeps making of their life. But what else could you do? Why are you such a soft touch?
  3. Help her/him and then keep quiet about it, but secretly brood that the person could have been more grateful.
You go abroad and get a bout of food poisoning. It wasn’t terribly serious, but you did feel rough for two or three days. You…
  1. Say that you got a bout of food poisoning. It wasn’t terribly serious, but you felt rough for two or three days.
  2. Take a week off work when you get back to recover. Then describe how you nearly died from catching a serious and debilitating infection in a Third World country, with no medical help available. List all the symptoms in graphic detail.
  3. Take a week off work when you get back to recover.
Your latest partner finishes with you. Actually, you knew you weren’t exactly soul-mates and you were just about to do the same to her/him. You:
  1. Tell everyone your relationship is over and go into as little detail as possible. After all, no harm was done, as you both knew you were incompatible
  2. Think of ways to get back at him/her for daring to dump you. Tell all your friends how you’d been exploited, until, finally, you realised s/he just wasn’t even worth it. Cut him/her in the street, and take every opportunity you can to discredit the person.
  3. Describe how your partner was a complete nightmare, so you decided it was time for you to end it all..
Work out your score:
Mostly 3's:
You seem to lose your sense of proportion from time to time, so you could be a potential Drama Queen. We all get things out of perspective at times. Maybe you just need to relax a little more - without squashing your natural high spirits.
Mostly 2's
You are seriously Drama Queen material. Perhaps you are just feeling a little insecure and want to find some validation. That happens to everyone from time to time. All the same, with such a vivid imagination, you can be enormous fun, so long as it doesn't get out of hand.
Mostly 1's
Your emotional IQ is high, which suggests you are confident and secure in your relationships, and will inspire trust in your partner, family and friends. Well done!


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  2. Apparently I am not a "drama queen" after taking your test with scoring mostly 1s. In thinking about this, RuPaul looks so much better with a feather boa than I ever could. ;-)