Friday, 3 January 2014

Soap Shower

Christmas is getting confusing!
I know I am getting older and past it. But, I am so confused by my Christmas presents. My beauty routine was once simple. I had soap to get my body clean, shampoo to clean my hair, hand cream for my hands, anti-aging for my facial wrinkle...s and cheapo any-old-cream from Savers for my legs and arms.

I'm guessing shower gel is soapy stuff, so what's shower crème? Is that a creamier soapy stuff for cleaning your body or for moisturing afterwards. Then there's body wash and there's bath gel. The first must be soap but is the other soap too, or bubbles. And bath crème: if that's body moisturiser why does it have to be called bath crème. Surely you could put body moisturiser on any old time. Or is bath crème just another fancy soap?

Oh God, everyone's so darned clever these days! I'm drowning.

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