Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Secret Life of Cats

Just saw a fascinating documentary on BBC TV, called The Secret Life of Cats.

Did you know cats are evolving and gradually losing some of their wild instincts? In former times, we had a sort of a deal with our cats. In return for being fed and sheltered, they kept our farms and homes free of vermin like mice and rats.

But, today, we don't need them so much for those duties. We want them for pets. It's believed by experts their evolution will enable them to adapt even further to our need for them to be "needy"  rather than independent and almost feral.

How do the experts know?

Well, for instance, it's been discovered that they have two kinds of purr, the normal purr, and a loud, attention-getting, needy purr that has the same vibration as a baby's cry. This has evolved to appeal to our hard-wired nurturing instincts towards our own young.

Wow! Ain't life amazing?

This delectable little beast below is my son's cat, Monty.

Copyright: Gareth Cameron

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