Saturday, 12 October 2013


I wrote this back in 2013 and nothing's changed except the post should be retitled - from "Dumb Blonde" to "Dumb Redhead" 

I've really begun to go off my games apps
And I really detest Words with Friends
I was taught that you must have a U after Q
At all times. Not a "QI." And it sends

Me quite mad, just to see all these "urban delights",
Foreign words, anagrams and beyond...
My fine English dictionary is finished for good
For "LUDDITE" ne'er crossed o'er the pond.

I'm miffed about that, cos "LUDDITE" was worth
Quite a lot on a triple word score
Don't know why I do this, it's painful to see
How the language has changed evermore.

And now I've discovered a terrible thing,
A travesty, a cheat and a con.
Yes, I've found a word finder for Scrabble. But I'm
The dumb blonde who never caught on.

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