Friday, 20 September 2013

English Folk Music is Like Chicken Tikka Masala, says Irish Singer Jim Moray

There's an interesting article in "i" magazine today featuring the English Folk Expo  to be held next month in Bury, Lancashire. But English folk music is no longer just about Morris dancers. That's why it's like chicken tikka masala, there's a little bit of everything there, computerised, sequenced beats from a laptop, African rhythms,and, as Jim Moray says, "We take sounds from elsewhere and claim them as our own."
16th century music sheet, Public Domain
He adds that English folk music  is a "huge growth area" attracting lots of bright, new talent.

Blair Dunlop, an example of this bright new talent, has this to say about English folk. "There is a stigma that goes with English folk - the image of beardy men with tankards of ale. But the music is defined by easily accessible narratives - from mining in Durham to tales of the sea in Devon."

Apparently you need a little swagger to carry it off. And anyway, what's wrong with strong, hearty, beardy men with full tankards!

The fair is backed by Arts Council England and the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

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